A Proper Foundation Garment for the Wedding Dress

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The foundation garment is sexy, it flatters the shapes of your body, and, concerning the wedding dresses topic, it has always been in fashion. Although the garment is flattering for most figures, it is not the ideal choice for all brides. Here are some fashion rules, as well as wedding dress models endowed with foundation garment which were used during the latest seasons.

Maybe more important than any other wedding dress, the foundation garment dress must fit you perfectly. The measure should be perfect, no smaller and no larger than it should be, otherwise you will look too fat, or worse, you will look vulgar. And, although the foundation garment has the role of lifting and getting your breasts closer to one another, it should never expose them too much. Everything in your appearance should be decent and feminine. 

Corset wedding dressA dress which has a good quality foundation garment must keep its sand glass figure even when it is placed on a coat-hanger, not only when you put it on. Your body should only redefine the already shaped figure of the dress.

You should always wear a bra under the foundation garment. Yes indeed, you need it otherwise you are at risk of exposing too much if you rely only on the support offered by the foundation garment, no matter how solid this may seem to be. Do not forget that you will move a lot and you will dance and, if your breasts are not well fixed and covered you have a big chance to experience unpleasant surprises. Also, your bra should be one size larger than usually, so that the breasts will have space for movement.

Please note the following signs that the garment doesn’t fit you:

  • when you lift your arms or you bend, your breasts slip out of the foundation garment;
  • when you sit on a chair, the edge of the foundation garment will create discomfort at your armpit;
  • in the back, the skin flows over the foundation garment.

Accessorize: if the wedding is conservative, you should wear a wrapper over your shoulders, and if the event is a modern one, you can choose a bolero or a coat which is short at the waste edge, with short sleeves or three quarters sleeves. Regarding jewellery, do not exaggerate with the number and the size if the foundation garment is already endowed with applications such as pebbles, beads, embroidery, etc.

The foundation garment is ideal for women who have small breasts, because it adds extra volume in the breast area, and for the brides which, despite exercising and following a diet, they did not succeed to reach the ideal figure in time for their wedding day. On the other hand, the women who have broad shoulders and back should avoid wearing a foundation garment, because it attracts a lot of attention in the area of the shoulders.

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