Premarital Counseling in New York City

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Looking for a premarital counselor in the New York City Area?

Considered the greatest city in the world and one of the most romantic cities on the planet, New York City is the perfect place to start your married life. No wonder that more and more people get married here. Due the number of jobs increasing in the past few years and the large number of iconic places where you can wed in NY, people are starting to attend premarital education programs so that they can get off on the right foot as a married couple.

Although the state of New York didn’t pass any law to encourage young couples to participate in a premarital education program (unlike Florida, Georgia…), more people realize that premarital preparation can be an effective strategy in supporting healthy marriage and reducing the risk of divorce.

A premarital counselor provides answers and guidance to couples before walking down the aisle. Counseling before the wedding helps you identify your strengths as a couple, improve the communication skills and develop new skills necessary to build a healthy marriage.

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Here you can find a list of premarital counseling centers in NYC:

Name: Midtown Marriage and Family Therapy, PC
Address: 271 Madison Ave, St. 708, NY, New York, 10016

Name: Marriage Success Training
Address: 191 Saint Johns Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Name: Marriage Couples Counseling & Life Coaching
Address: 160 Bleecker Street, 9C East, New York, NY 10012

Name: Exceptional Marriage
Address: 121 West 27th Street, Suite 1101A, New York, NY 10001

Name: Natural Psychotherapy International
Address: 174 East 73rd Street, New York City, NY‎

Name: Relationship Counseling Center
Address: 1201 Broadway, Suite 1003, New York, NY 10001

Name: Jean Fitzpatrick, L.P.
Address: 35 East 35th Street, New York, NY

Name: Rachel A. Sussman, LCSW
Address: 85 Fifth Ave. @ 16th Street, 9th Floor, Suite 923, New York, NY 10003

Name: Dr. Jim Walkup
Address: 115 East 57th Street, New York City, NY 10022

Name: Imago Couples Therapy
Address: 110-21 73rd Rd. Forest Hills, NY 11375

 Pre-marriage therapy in New YorkMake a note of the following: premarital therapy DOESN’T determine if your partner is the perfect match, you have established that. The counselor will try to improve the relationship so that there won’t be any unfortunate events such as divorce.

The idea of counseling before the wedding is to teach the newlyweds the essentials of a happy, long-lasting marriage.Some centers offer group session, in which couples can learn from other couples, workshops and coaching.

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