Makeup Shows Your Partner That You Care

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One of the main purposes that we have when we makeup is to make a good impression on the men we love. They can help us better than anyone in this sense.

You probably think that men don`t have any taste as far as the makeup is concerned. The truth is things are not like that. To convince you, next time when you doubt your makeup, go to your partner and ask for an opinion. You will be surprised by his answer. If you are a makeup beginner or want to know more about brushes you can find a complete guide on the best makeup brushes.

What are the trends in makeup appreciated by the representatives of the strong gender?

Pink Cheeks

Men are crazy after natural shades and textures when it comes to makeup. Take advantage of this pink cheeks trend and restore the glow of your cheekbones when you go to a date or go shopping.
Choose the right shade of pink considering your color skin complexion and the proper techniques to apply blush. Apply the blush on the bony area of the cheeks and add a tint of brightness to your face by fluttering a little blush over your forehead, nose and chin too.

Long Eyelashes

If men could vote for the sexiest and the most sensual cosmetic product, this will certainly be the mascara. This unique formula, “dresses up” your eyes in such a magnetic and shiny way, that it would be a pity to overlook this detail from your makeup routine.
Mascara is the best solution to bring out the color of your eyes. Be careful though to choose the right composition according to the length but also to the density of your eyelashes.
The eyes are the heart of your soul, that’s why it’s wise to keep them in top shape. For a natural look, choose the transparent option of the classical mascara and skip the colored ones which could be “a little too much” for your brush set

Nude Lips

Red lips are the best way to draw everybody`s attention and to twist men`s minds. But, if you stop and ask the boys, they would tell you that this tendency would be very suitable for the red carpet, but under no circumstance for a casual date.
On the contrary, nude lips besides the fact that they inspire youth and health; they are a magnet for men. Thus, try using nude lipsticks and glosses to drive your partner crazy. Keep away from the sticky glosses or with sparkle. These are not included among men`s favorite makeup products
You should choose those products with a soft silky texture. Your lips will be more hydrated and irresistible.

Smokey Eyes

Show off your wild side by using a makeup ultra popular: the smoky eye style. You will surely draw any man’s attention. Deep textures, even if they are creamy or powder, and also various shades of bronze, grey and the classic black will be for your partner a real aphrodisiac.
Choose the right combination of shades and use classic black eyeliner to define the shape of your eyes and to underline their color. Finally, do not forget about the mascara as a last accessory to make your look perfect.

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